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SOPA/PIPA response

Thank you for contacting me regarding the protection of intellectual property, online privacy, the internet, and legislation addressing these issues. I sincerely appreciate the benefit of your views and it is an honor to serve as your Representative in Congress.

On October 26, 2011, Congressman Lamar Smith (R-TX) introduced H.R. 3261, the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA). According to its sponsor, this legislation seeks to "promote prosperity, creativity, entrepreneurship, and innovation by combating the theft of U.S. property, and for other purposes." However, this bill, and its Senate companion bill, S. 968 (the Preventing Real Online Threats to Economic Creativity and Theft of Intellectual Property (PROTECT IP) Act), would also give the U.S. Attorney General (USAG) authority to seek an injunction from a federal court against domain names used by foreign websites that actively promote or distribute counterfeit goods, as well as permitting content owners to sue the intermediate service providers that support websites hosting pirated content.

Both of these bills would give the USAG unprecedented authority to seek out court orders against foreign internet sites that have been accused of copyright infringement. This includes websites that host user-submitted content, such as the popular websites Facebook , Twitter and YouTube. These and any other websites that allow comments would now be responsible for screening any and all user activity for potential infringement. This discourages innovation in the world's most fluid industry, and the United States' economic strength is dependent on its citizen's ability to create, innovate and become entrepreneurs in various industries.

In addition to the costs of content screening, online search engines will be forced to remove the accused website from displayed search results, online advertising companies will be forced to break contracts with accused hosts, and online payment processors will be forbidden from engaging in any further transactions with the accused host. This is all carried out without any of the due process offered in present copyright infringement cases.

The legislation is intended to protect the consumer from fraudulent medicine, counterfeited goods, and pirated data (music, photos, movies), but is too broadly written without regard for the unintended consequences. Both of these bills stand in direct conflict with established U.S. policy of internet openness and will have little impact on actual criminal online piracy, which is the target of both pieces of legislation.

H.R. 3261 has been referred to the House Judiciary Committee for further review and S. 968 is awaiting consideration before the full Senate. Should either of these pieces of legislation reach the House floor, I will be sure to keep your thoughts in mind.

Hearing the views of all Georgians gives me the opportunity to better understand how important issues could impact the people of Georgia and the future interests of the nation. In that regard, your input is most helpful. For additional information regarding current legislation and my representation of the Third District, I invite you to visit my website at http://www.house.gov/westmoreland , and to receive my monthly newsletter you can sign up on my web site at http://westmoreland.house.gov/Forms/EmailSignup/ .

Lynn A Westmoreland
Member of Congress

The weekend was super busy

So, I slacked on this and totally missed since last Wednesday. But that's alright as long as I don't let everything completely disappear. Worked Wednesday and half of Thursday then busted my tail to get things together to go camping.

Friday I arrived at camp at 9:40 am because we were told that camp site assignments were on a first come first serve and that registration would open at 10:00. When I got there no one else was around so I thought we would get the campsite we wanted. Boy was I wrong. Another pack got there at 8:30 and since she did an errand for the rangers they let her look at the list where they had decided to preassign and let her swich from where they had been assigned to so they could take the best camp site. It irks me that people don't stand by what they put out. What made it even worse is that this lady's husband was at the meeting Thursday night where we were told no one would be allowed into camp until 10:00.

So, anyway, we finally got our assignment and decided to make the best of it even though I was ticked. I knew we would survive it. We were put at the only campsite right on the lake in literally freezing weather. William helped me put up our tent and helped others get set up as well. Then we went to get Brandon from school because hubby wasn't going to be able to get him at a reasonable time. When we returned, I walked through the campsite that was stolen from us and was joking with their assistant cubmaster about it. Told her that it wasn't her fault and everything. Then after we left she called the scout executive and tattle taled on me for harassing her. OMG I thought the two of us were friends, guess she doen'st take ribbing at all. Sucks to be someone with no sense of humor.

So, we got camp together sent William off with the Boy Scouts and headed to opening ceremony. It was completely boring and not worth sitting out in the cold. Also, we had taken off without counting kids even though I had tated that we needed to get a count. We ended up losing one of the boys and had to put out a full search for him. I was not happy. Luckily a mom from antoher pack had found him and walked him back to our camp site. When I returned from searching the camp was already full swing into s'mores. Then we went to bed. It was all kinds of cold I froze all night long.

Saturday was a busy day. We had a nice breakfast then headed down to the opening ceremony and off to the activities. Our Assistant Cubmaster (AC) still hasn't learned we are a large pack so we went to the DNR shooting stuff which took 2 hours to get through which meant we missed the ability to go to several other activities. I thought we could have spent our time better but the morning wasn't my decision. Again, we lost another boy because the AC once again did not take inventory of which group she split the boys into groups to visit the stations in the disabilities section because she didn't assign each group a parent.

After lunch, my guys voted to run around camp and have some free play time rather than go sit through another program in the cold. Then we took a hike and ended up at the tomahawk throw when it opened. From there we went and visited the fish hatchery people, the palentolgy dig, Indian dancing, wilderness survival, rocketry, camp cooking, boating, and hiking. All these were on the boys top list. The programs were supposed to be open until 5:00 when we headed back toward the activity field at 5 just about everyone had packed up so there were 5 actvities on their list that were already gone. We ended up going through the fire house and I commended the fire fighters for staying through the committed time.

Then we went back to the camp site and had supper. The night ended with a historical show and fireworks. Though the video segment that literally went through 100 years of scouting was too much in the cold. Hubby had gotten us more blankets so we stayed a little warmer on Saturday night than we did on Friday.

Got up yesterday morning, had breakfast, tore down camp, and had our own Sunday service. When we got home we reset the tents to dry then I took a 4 hour nap before we got up and put them away. I am still defrosting.
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Last night we went to the Fall Festival at Franklin Road. It was alright I guess. Brandon had a blast, William was alright, hubby and I gave out some candy.

Today I worked again. The kids were great today.

William actually did all his work today and put together a nice little party for Brandon. Of course we had to pick Brandon up from school and go the the library before we could get home and show Brandon his little suprise.

So, I still have to get the packing list together for camp and get a grocery list done for the week. Will have to do that tomorrow night I suppose.
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Yesterday was full of all kinds of fun. We went to the LaGrange College Homecoming game. We got there in time to catch the end of the parade then met up with other scouts from our den to tailgate. I was very disappointed that 4 families that signed up did not show. We went into the game and by the fouth quarter all but three of the guys had gone home. That really sucked because the last 2 minutes of the game were the best. They cam back from 7-14 to win 21-14. The best part of the game though was I saw a college friend of mine that I haven't seen in years. His wife is an alumni. It was go great to see him.

After that we had a cub scout leaders meeting. We discussed some things, but as usual when there was a decision to be made advice and opinions were asked but the decision was made by one person.

Finally, we went to a Geo Halloween party. Learned that the hubby has no geo-senses. It was funny to me but completely ticked him off. He had the car GPS in his car but was following me. I asked him to have William, who caches with me all the time, interpret the GPS and read it to me. Instead of trusting William and I to communicate he decided to listen to the GPS instead of following me and ended up lost. Of course it was my fault because I had him turn on the GPS and not his for not letting me and William handle it. Well, when we got there the kids played and Brandon and hubby left before the night cache. The night cache was all kinds of fun. William decided half-way through that he was done so he went back to the pavillion and sat around with those who'd decided not to go. Everyone except the hubby had fun. I really wish he would quit complaining about not having friends or knowing anyone worth hanging out with when all he does is complain about the activities we do.
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I worked yesterday. The ay was so much better. I find it affirming that when the kids see me in the hall they whine that I'm not in their classroom if they don't have me that day. Even though I make them do their work instead of sitting back and letting them do whatever they still want me around. I wish you could use students as job references. I'd have some good ones.

On the flip side, William did very little of what he was supposed to do yesterday. I give him only work I know he can do but he still continues to claim he can't do it. It's going to really suck when he has an F in a homeschool class because he refuses to do what he's asked.

Tried to go to IHOP last night but there was a 20 minute wait even though most of the tables were empty. They didn't want to sit too many people because they didn't have many servers on the floor. I'm sorry, but you still seat people and get them drinks so they can talk if nothing else. If your servers can't handle a full resturant fire them or get new management who expects them to do the job. I've been one of two servers left on the floor at a resturant an hour before close when you've gotten a rush that suddenly fills the place because some event you didn't know about in town stops by. It's doable if your managers get their arse's out of their back offices and help.

Afterwards William and I headed over to a Geocache event where we hung out by a fire and just socialized with other cachers. It was great to sit around and share caching stories. I have talked the hubby and Brandon into skipping church fall festivals in order to attend the Geocaching festival. I think it will be more fun to hang out with people I'm getting to know a bit from other events rather than just go to some churches we are not familiar with and don't plan on visiting or attending.

Also, I have started watching my weight again and have spent a whole week on program like I need to and have 11 points left to spend tonight at the event.

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To pay and renew or not to pay and renew. I'm not really using this thing much anymore except for icontests. I really need to get back to updating here because you can put so much more into it than you can Facebook. Before facebook this place was a great rundown of our life now I only have blurbs on Facebook that I would be lucky to remember what they were about. I really do need to come on every morning before facebook lures me away and just tell a bit about whatever's going on.

So yeah, I will pay to keep it up. And annoy you all with my daily life once again.

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Things would be so much easier if I didn't have to deal with other people. If I say something is to be done do it. And don't go over my head and overrule me on stuff. There is a reason I say do ABC then I can let you do DEF.
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Dear God,

Please let me serve those who are different from me and may not know your love. But whatever you do please don`t let them come into my church because they don`t fit into our crowd.
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Because of melt downs, courtesey of one other youth in particular, it was requested that William not spend the night at the host home last evening. So, that left me doing DNow today since I had to take William anyway.

So, we woke up at 7:00 this morning after the boys had a "sleep over" in my room to make up for the fact that William wasn't at the host home last night. We went to IHOP for breakfast to make up for his missing a great breakfast with his friends. Then we stopped by Home Depot and met up with one other Cub Scout where Brandon made a rain guage and completed his building requirement and made the last critical thing to get his Weather Belt Loop.

After that, I took William to the church. Child that caused yesterday's meltdowns said something to William, but I made him push through. Then I went to the Shed and enjoyed the worship music before heading back to the main building to help with lunch.

Lunch was good. It was great to see William interact with his fellow 6th graders. There was a giant throw Doritos (in bags) at each other mess started by one of the memebers of the band that has been performing for thme this weekend. Still, it was all good.

After lunch, I ended up driving the 6th grade boys around town for the scavenger hunt. After deciphering the location clues we went to the airport, TurnAround skate center, Callaway Stadium, Callaway Clock Tower, Piggly Wiggly, the fountain on the square, Granger park, Fryer's Tires, Jim Bob's and finally Starbucks where we all got a drink before heading back to the church.

Then, I drove the guys to the Blair's house. We had a time as I let the boys tell me where to go and they totally had no clue where they were going. Still, the trip was super fun and we had a blast. Except for the fact that Duncan broke a glass bottle in the back of the car.

Now, hubby is at the host home spending the night so William can have a safety net person if he needs one.